Sunday, 12 November 2006


Getting ready for some LSN events coming up shortly. Friday 24 November and Thursday 30 November you'll find me in action in London and Bristol respectively. Not terribly sure where the term e-tools came from but it's not as bad as some. The events are all about using some of the applications available either on or for download from the web to make lessons more interesting, get a message across more effectively, share things more simply and things like that. They should be fun as there are some remarkable new tools out there, especially those in the ever-growing Google stable, about which I shall write separately.

Details of the events can be found at the LSN Learning Technologies site. A preview of some of things I may be promoting can be found on either the webtools link or at Q3 and Q4, the latter being an attempt to publish some guidance notes on a range of topics which I haven't finished yet.

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