Friday 30 April 2010

Big picture solutions

We love images. But lots of staff and students still seem to have trouble resizing them to share, whether by e-mail or in documents.

Thanks to an E-learning colleague for reminding me about XP PowerToys and their Image Resizer which makes the task of making that huge digital image manageable and probably less than 5% of its original file size delightfully simple.

If you use a lot of screenprints you should also get Irfanview to edit and save them rather than just pasting some whole screen image in. (If only to avoid the embarrassment of showing everyone what else you may have had open at the time! Many times I have had to smile at the other browser pages visible, file names in a folder view, an ancient operating system still being used, snippets of personal e-mail visible or that nice pink and purple Windows theme!)

More information and some illustrations on my FAQICA blog.

Monday 5 April 2010

Feedback :)

Although some of these appear to be from earlier times, I am doing my best to keep the spirit of good marking and report-writing alive. (Feedback, being a screeching and wailing noise, is something I seem to receive from, rather than give to, parents and students.)
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