Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It's Showtime for Maths, ICT and English. At the Royal Albert Hall!

There's a great set of resources available at My Resource Cloud. They look ideal for anyone looking to make Functional Skills a bit more interesting, covering Maths, English and ICT with guidance in videos from real staff at the Royal Albert Hall as to the work involved in putting on and promoting a new show.

The complete set of resources are free, charity-commissioned and designed and developed by Bongo LLP, available for PC and Mac computers.

Download the software at this link.

Some of the illustrative shots of kids taken as if from up a ladder with an odd lens and an unfortunate freeze frame on the video summary above might benefit from a little adjustment as well as some spelling! Very classy stuff for all that, though and should provide many teachers next term with a good few weeks' worth of ready-made and modern activities.

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