Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Money, money everywhere (if you can cope with the paperwork!)

New Energy Efficiency Funding
The Department of Energy and Climate ChangeUp to £50,000 is available for each successful community to be used to help assess the potential for energy efficiency and local renewable energy generation in their locality. Organisations including parish councils, voluntary associations, development trusts and faith groups are all eligible to apply.

Fundamental Rights and Citizenship
EU Charter of Fundamental RightsThe available funding consists of an indicative amount of €20.97 million. Grant applications must be for a minimum of €75,000, for up to 80% of overall eligible project costs for one or more of these topics:
  • Informing on where the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights applies and where to turn to if fundamental rights are violated (CFR).
  • Promoting the Rights of the Child (RoC).
  • Combating racism, xenophobia and antisemitism (RXAS).
  • Fighting Homophobia: Enhanced/improved understanding and tolerance (HMPB).
  • Training and networking between legal professions and legal practitioners (TRAI)
  • Citizenship
  • Participation in the democratic life of the Union (DEMO).
  • Raise awareness about Union citizenship and the rights attached to it and identify obstacles to their effective exercise (CITI).
  • Raise awareness and improve knowledge about the EU rules on free movement, in particular Directive 2004/38/EC (FREE).
  • Facilitate sharing of knowledge and exchange of best practices on acquisition and loss of Union citizenship (BPoC).
  • Address the gender imbalance in participation in the European Parliament elections (GEND).
  • Data protection and privacy rights
  • Training and awareness raising on data protection including general information on the fundamental right to the protection of personal data and awareness-raising campaigns.
  • Improving practical cooperation between Data Protection Authorities.
  • Reinforcing children's privacy in the online environment.
  • Identifying and tackling the challenges posed by new technologies for the fundamental right to data protection.
  • Technological and organisational means to improve data protection compliance.
and, for supporting the functioning of non-profit organisations in this field, €1.6 million is available and grants can for up to 80% of the total eligible cost of the Forecast Operating Budget, up to a maximum of €250,000.

Community Buying ChallengeDepartment for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) A £60,000 initiative has been launched by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Co-operatives UK to promote community buying models. The competition is open to groups and organisations within the public, voluntary or business sectors. Awards will be made to support training, mentoring and seed funding for stand out projects, with a £15,000 prize available for an overall winner.

Daphne Programme (2007-2013)The European CommissionThe available funding consists of an indicative amount of €25.83 million. Applications for a minimum grant of €75,000, for up to 80% of overall eligible project costs, are invited.Projects under this Call should focus on the following priorities:
  • Rights of victims of violence.
  • Violence linked to harmful practices.
  • Children as victims and perpetrators of violence.
  • Perpetrator programmes and interventions.
  • Training programmes for professionals in contact with victims.
  • Empowerment work at grass-roots level.
  • Media violence, particularly violence linked to new technology and social networking tools.
Projects require a partnership of two organisations from two different Member States. Public or private organisations and institutions, such as NGOs, local authorities and university departments are eligible to apply.

Clore Award for Museum LearningThe Art Fund Prize & Clore Award for Museum LearningThe single award of £10,000 will be presented in June 2012. Entries are accepted from across the whole range of museum and gallery learning activities, including but not restricted to schools, colleges, or community settings. Projects and initiatives which were launched or mainly took place during the calendar years 2010 or 2011 are eligible

Europe for Citizens 2007-2013
The European Commission
  • Town twinning citizens' meetings, indicative budget of €6.1 million.
  • Networks of twinned towns; indicative budget of €4.5 million
  • Citizens' projects; indicative budget of €1.3 million
  • Support measures; indicative budget of €805,000.
  • Support for projects initiated by civil society organisations; indicative budget of €2.8 million.
  • Active European Remembrance; indicative budget of €2.4 million.

Film Networks Fund
Creative England Funding is available towards a range of activities including:

  • provision of editorial and technical support for emerging talent looking to produce work;
  • delivery of networking;
  • screening and industry speaker events and master classes; and
  • provision of peer-to-peer support, mentoring, training and advice.
The Film Networks Fund is a fixed call with £150,000 to award in the current round. Awards will range from £2,500 to £25,000. Applications can be made by legally constituted organisations operating in the English regions (outside Greater London); and legally constituted organisations operating outside the English regions that wish to develop and deliver activity in the English regions (outside Greater London).

Daphne Programme
The European Commission
supporting the functioning (operating costs) of non-profit organisations - such as voluntary associations, foundations and NGO's - pursuing activities which contribute to the objectives of the specific programme DAPHNE III.

A total budget of €3 million is available and grants can be for up to 80% of the total eligible cost of the Forecast Operating Budget, up to a maximum of €250,000 for the financial year 2012.

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