Sunday, 5 December 2010

Wikileaks: disclaimer

I can see that I'll shall have to add a disclaimer along the following lines to tweets, e-mail, document footers, presentation slides, blog posts, Facebook and LinkedIn updates, wiki pages, sites and, yes, definitely, Technorati, American Idol and XFactor articles!

The contents of this communication may or may not have been written by me and even if it was it may not reflect what I actually think as I have have missed a crucial not in a sentence or accidentally jumbled up the words. My computers do not all require a new log-in when idle and any one of a range of passing children, girlfriends, clients, colleagues or pets may have used the keyboard in my absence. There are also lots of people with my name and I am never too sure which one is me so treat any text as potentially totally meaningless. I am also not very well off so suing would be quite pointless.

A 140 character version is available on request.

I shall also start talking to people more.

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