Thursday, 11 January 2007

Wild Apricot

Had a look at Wild Apricot a while ago and included this in some of the sessions I've doing around the country. Not sure what to do with it but I'm sure it has distinct possibilities. Hopefully we can turn them into probabilities! This post has been prompted by a nice message from one of the team behind the application which I reproduce below. Answers on a postcard . . .

Well Andrew, you certainly have a refreshing writing style (and I mean that most sincerely)!

So, it looks like you’ve started a website using our Wild Apricot software, and have even pointed out on your home page that its usage scope is more than just for members, but rather any community of people with common interests. Is this what you have in mind eventually, or is this just playing with a new tool (either way is OK with us, that’s why we offer free accounts!). However, it does seem, from both your work experience background as well as your own interests, that you are likely an ideal person to provide feedback on our product. We launched the production version in September of this year, so we are absolutely anxious to receive early user comments and suggestions, whether they relate to the experience of setting up the site, or to features/functions that you like/don’t like.

And of course, if there is an organization that you know of that could use this type of service, we will shortly have a partner program in place that will “reward” such referrals.

At your earliest convenience, could I ask you to jot down your early impressions of Wild Apricot, the good and the bad (please, no ugly, we have feelings too!), and send those along to me?


Al DesRoches

eBusiness Solutions Specialist

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